Haji Zeeshan Umar has been involved with numerous charitable organizations, including Hazrat Ameer Khusro Cultural Society (HAKCS), Hazrat Shah Haroon Chishti Cultural Society (HSHCCS), Anjuman Tehqeeqe Adab, Saharanpur Social Welfare and Cultural Society and several more. He has helped several orphans, and widows by providing financial assistance to those dealing with major health problems. 

Iqbal Haji Umar was a committed social activist. He matriculated from Islamia Inter College in 1947, when India was partitioned and Pakistan emerged. Iqbal enjoyed photography and its nuances. He soon left this field of work and returned to his family’s textile and yarn company.

Haji Aftab Umar is a well-known social activist and businessman. He constantly emphasizes the necessity of women's education and works to strike a fine balance between traditional and modern moral principles.

Haji Mohammad Umar’s Islamic intellectual roots run deep, dating back to Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan's founding of Aligarh Muslim University. He has a strong command of the Urdu and Persian languages, and decided to return to school after realizing the importance of modern education. 

Ahmad Hassan grew up as an only child in Saharanpur, India. He later became a God-fearing businessman, passionate about community service and wellness. He takes pride in giving to the less fortunate in his hometown. During the British Empire's control over India,