Haji Aftab Umar

Haji Aftab Umar is a well-known social activist and businessman. He constantly emphasizes the necessity of women’s education and works to strike a fine balance between traditional and modern moral principles.

Haji Aftab Umar humanitarian efforts have benefited several orphanages, nursing homes, charitable hospitals, and Islamic schools. He founded Islamia Shifakhana (a charitable hospital) in Saharanpur, which was named after him. 

In effort to carry his family’s passion for success, Haji Aftab Umar has always encouraged his children to follow their dreams passionately to make a difference in the world. He was a role model, not only for his own children, but for the children of the community he lived in as well. Many orphans sought safety in Haji Aftab Umar’s residence, where they were cherished and cared for. He educated them, married them, and provided their later growing families with resources. 

With his humble and non-violence mentality, Haji Aftab Umar assisted and saved many people during community disturbances in his hometown and made it his duty to preach peace.