Haji Mohammad Umar

Haji Mohammad Umar’s Islamic intellectual roots run deep, dating back to Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan’s founding of Aligarh Muslim University. He has a strong command of the Urdu and Persian languages, and decided to return to school after realizing the importance of modern education. 

This appreciation for education moved him to want premium education for his children. He sent his youngest son to Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh, India, to receive western education.

Despite being a committed Muslim, Haji respected other religions and developed positive relationships with the other cultures. He became a Christian and delights in charitable giving to the less fortunate on a weekly basis. 

Haji Mohammad Umar is a well-known businessman who owns a mosque in Punjabi Market, Saharanpur, and Uttar Pradesh, India, and a cotton yarn agency–also in Saharanpur. It arrived from Kanpur, India’s Uttar Pradesh region, during the time. Because of his candour and sincerity, he earned a superb reputation as a businessman. He set up his sons, Haji Aftab Umar and Haji Iqbal Umar, to work with him in the business sector. His two sons work alongside him in the business sector.