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Haji Zeeshan Umar

Haji Zeeshan Umar was born on November 17, 1953. In Haji Aftab Umar’s eyes, his youngest son, Mr. Zeeshan Umar, is a kind of heir to his skills and trade, and this is why he opened his own bricks kiln factory. The legacy of Mr. Aftab Umar, a prominent philanthropist, was passed on to his son, Zeeshan Umar, who currently lives in Canada. Haji Zeeshan Umar has been involved with numerous charitable organizations, including Hazrat Ameer Khusro Cultural Society (HAKCS), Hazrat Shah Haroon Chishti Cultural Society (HSHCCS), and several more. He has helped a large number of poor, needy, orphans, and widows by providing financial assistance to those who have major health problems. After moving to Canada in 2003 with his small family, his managers managed his bricks kiln business empire, which he still successfully runs. Haji Zeeshan Umar is still very involved in helping friends and family from around the world and people in need from all over the world, but he still keeps his ties to his cultural roots and travels to India on occasion.

 Haji Zeeshan Umar defended his community during the deadly pandemic in India when the rest of the country was affected, and he helped them by donating food parcels and money to aid the victims in 2020 Pandemic. Haji Zeeshan Umar successfully completed his college studies from Maharaj Singh Inter college in the year … In the year that followed, he began helping his father in their cloth business in Saharanpur and began going open in order to explore business. He started coal distribution business the following year. Haji Zeeshan Umar, in addition to all these, has been heavily involved in various other business ventures including Import-Export, Manufacturing, and numerous others alongside this, Haji Zeeshan Umar has been an active volunteer for Islamia Shifa Khaana (A long time charity) which was founded by our ancestors. The new challenges he had to overcome after immigrating to Canada included adjusting to new customs, forming new relationships, and working hard to achieve his goals in a new country with established values and modesty handed down from his ancestors. The result of the huge difference in currency conversion between Indian rupees and Canadian dollars is that the money could never be brought from India as it only converts to slightly more in dollars. Haji Zeeshan Umar decided to accept this challenge and instead of bringing money from his businesses in India, he saved money and purchased more options. He began by working odd jobs to make money here and also to gain experience and to learn more about Canadian culture from the ground level to help his children and he also adopted a similar philosophy he learned from his ancestors about hard work, humility, and modesty and how it’s the key to success in life. By the time Haji Zeeshan Umar became infected with Lymphoma in 2009, he had already endured several treatments to help him. However, by the grace of God, he was cured and still had a positive outlook and planned his philanthropic endeavors and business career under the guidance of God. Haji Zeeshan Umar is also associated with the Urdu Poetry Association in Toronto, Canada, and with some of the most famous Urdu poets in the world. In addition, he frequently takes part in Mushaira (poetry concerts) with other people. Haji Zeeshan Umar has written two Urdu poetry books, and in each book he presents several examples of different perspectives in his poetry. Haji Zeeshan Umar currently lives in Toronto, Canada, where he enjoys a happy and successful life with his family and has been instrumental in helping his children, as well as his grandchildren, to be civilized and useful members of society. Through his charitable foundation, he also hopes to construct a hospital and school for those who cannot afford to provide for themselves.