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Haji Mohammad Umar

Haji Mohammad Umar was born on December 5, 1885 in a family with a respectable heritage and significant education. His Islamic intellectual roots run deep, stemming from the origins of Aligarh Muslim University, founded by Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan. He was very familiar with the Urdu and Persian languages. Realizing the value of modern education, he decided to go back to school. The way he viewed the flow of rapidly changing time was understood by him. For this reason, he has his sons sent to Islamia Inter College (a Charitable College), where they are being educated in a modern way. Additionally, he sent his youngest son Naushad Umar to Aligarh Muslim University to get a western education. A kind and caring Haji Mohammad Umar was also a Haji. Every Thursday, he took care of the needy and those who were struggling. Zakat (or charitable giving) was his form of fulfilling Islamic charitable duties. He achieved his goal quietly and without any fanfare. It should be noted that he was a God-fearing individual. Despite the fact that he was a devout Muslim, he respected all religions and even established a very good relationship with the Hindu community. A further building we have completed is our grandfather’s mosque, which is located in Punjabi Market, Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Hundreds of worshippers gather in this mosque every day to offer their prayer, using the divine gift of God Almighty. Besides this, he didn’t neglect his duties pertaining to the material world. He was a very successful businessman. In Saharanpur, he was the only person who had a cotton yarn agency. At that time, it arrived from the city of Kanpur, located in the Uttar Pradesh province of India. He gained a stellar reputation as a businessman because of his transparency and integrity. He arranged for his eldest son, Haji Aftab Umar, to enter the business world alongside him.