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Haji Aftab Umar

Haji Aftab Umar was born on …………….Haji Mohammad Umar, and Haji Aftab Umar’s eldest son, Haji Aftab Umar, was both modern in their approaches. The children of his sons and daughters received western education. He placed a great deal of importance on women’s education. He was able to maintain a delicate balance between the modern and traditional moral values. Haji Aftab Umar was drawn to the humanitarian works done by others. His brother Iqbal Umar requested him to help at putting the foundation of Islamia Shifakhana in Saharanpur, which was opened in his name. He was able to wrap up his term successfully. Haji Aftab Umar had a sizable framework of thoughts in his head. Even in his lifetime, he encouraged his children and his children’s children to pursue their dreams and influence the world. Between the years of 1945 and 1985, he made several pilgrimages to Mecca, as well as with his wife. His religious duties did not keep him from doing what he wanted to do. He was offering prayers five times a day and remembered God, the Almighty. Many orphan girls, some of whom were female, found refuge in Haji Aftab Umar, who loved and cared for them. He educated and married them, also providing respectable family arrangements for their children. He passed away at the age of 79 in 2003, and before that he had led a happy and prosperous life.